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Data privacy in news subscriptions: what you need to know to protect personally identifiable information
With more newsrooms putting up registration walls and paywalls these days, the question inevitably arises: how does one treat all the personal data collected?

What might have begun as a simple “Subscribe to our newsletter” email address box on a website 10 years ago, may have now blossomed into a mailing list of hundreds of thousands of readers. The popularity of chat apps to distribute news headlines and links to readers have also spawned the collection of readers’ mobile phone numbers over the years. Some of these services may have ceased since – what does one do with all the numbers collected? What rules should be in place when such data may be accessible by multiple product teams?

This 90-minute webinar, led by Raju Chellam, once BizIT Editor of The Business Times, and a cybersecurity columnist of The Straits Times in Singapore, will offer best practices in safeguarding subscriber data and tips to instill a data protection culture in newsrooms and across news organisations. It will cover the need for data privacy/security and examples of personally identifiable information (PII) regulations in the region and Europe. It will touch on security, data, AI and cloud related standards that could impact publications. It will wrap up with a discussion among publishers in the region on what they are doing to safeguard PII.

Jul 7, 2021 02:00 PM in Singapore

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